In a perfect world we might have perfect choices, in the real world we had real choices, and we made them, and we measured the losses against what might have been the gains…There was no doubt certain things happened we might have wished hadn’t happened. There was no doubt we were dealing with forces that might or might not include unpredictable elements. Elements beyond our control. The Last Thing He Wanted



2010 was hard.
Make no mistake, it has also been full of blessings and God's provision, but it has been a hard year nonetheless. I could list the good and bad...but would rather not.

I have been frustrated. Disappointed. Helpless.
I have been affirmed. Mimicked. Adored.

I have put off conversations I need to have because it would be hard, and because I know the content would be both eye-opening & potentially hurtful.

I have allowed myself to be taken advantage of, but I also stood up for myself.

I pushed myself this year. Started a business. Made new things. Changed diapers, wiped tears, cuddled, and said "No, ma'am!" a LOT.

I didn't keep in touch with old friends like I wanted to.
I made a new friend or two. Lost friends I thought I had. Such is life.
I made great progress in my family relationships. Had some good talks. Mended some fences and cleared up some misunderstandings, and relationships are stronger than ever. It's been a long hard journey but I am so glad things are better there.

I'm getting a nephew in February.
I'm praying HARD for a sibling for my sweet niece as well.

I've seen God do things I didn't think he would do, and some I am still waiting on Him about.  I don't know how we would have made it through this year without Him.

I am so grateful for the amazing man he gave me for my husband, and for the silly/sweet/challenging/way-too-smart-for-her-own-good daughter. I am blessed.