I'm gettin' gooooooood

For such a time as this, God started long ago putting the joy of "couponing" in my heart. I 'pay' with coupons instead of cash, that's how I look at it. I'm so grateful he gave me this love for saving money, because now more than ever, we are depending on HIM to provide for our needs. Coupons is one way He does it.

I've become semi "hardcore. It's true. First of the month when new coupons come out is exciting. (Lame? Maybe, but my friends and family stopped joking on me when I started giving them things I'd gotten for free by couponing.) So now it's a game, a challenge to see how well I can do. Going into Publix is fun. I used to hate grocery shopping...not anymore.

For instance, consider my trip last Sunday after church:


1 carton medium eggs
1 pkg Hormel all natural turkey lunchmeat
4 bottles of Childrens Advil (these alone were 5.99 each!!)
1 carton Philadelphia Cooking Creme
1 carton Philadelphia Indulgences milk chocolate cream cheese
2 boxes of Velveeta Skillets (like hamburger helper)
2 boxes of Pillbury prepared pie crusts
1 tub Land o Lakes butter spread
6 cans of Green Giant peas
2 cans of Green Giant green beans
1 loaf of bread
1 lb bananas
4 bottles of Nature Made Folic Acid (money maker!)

After coupons, my grand total was $13.82. I saved $70.51 AND was able to submit a $10 rebate for the children's Advil. So I'll get a rebate check in the mail for $10. If you take that amount off my total, the out of pocket I spent...

$3.82. And .45 for a stamp. : )

GO COUPONS! Yes, I may be crazy. Obsessed? A little. But you wouldn't believe what I spend each week on groceries. God provides through couponing.

PS Anyone need some folic acid? I have it out the ears...but hey, they PAID me to buy it.