$2 shoes...whooo!

I was at Wally world a while back, and I spotted these in a cart (or buggy, depending where you're from) for $2 on clearance. $2!!!!! So they came home with me, and I also got a pair for my sisters for a v-day treat. I got 2 pairs for myself. I can't even remember the last time I bought shoes. Well, I bought flip flops last summer, but not sure if that counts. I'm not a shoe-buying fan. Anyway, I thought these were nice, but could use a little spice. 

So, I made a ribbon flower. I gathered the ribbon on one side, and sewed it all up. I added a button on the front, and sewed a clip-on earring on the back (got a pkg of 8 clips for $3 at hobby lobby-the pkg cost more than the shoes, hahahaha), that way I can take it off or change them if I want. 

One sister got yellow shoes, so she's getting the blue "flowers".
As a bonus, they are REALLY comfortable. Thanks, wally-world!


Abbie's 6 month stats

Abigail had her 6 month checkup with Dr. P on Tuesday.

She weighs 15 lbs. 7 oz. and is 26 inches long! In the 25% and 75% for weight and height, respectively.

Our girl is growing so fast!  And still, no teeth.



I think if I had lots of money, I would spend WAY too much on
#1. Soda and coffee
#2. Craft supplies
#3. M & Ms
#4. Cute clothes for Abbie

I'm about tired of winter. It's time for spring.
Abbie has her 6 month appt. tomorrow with Dr. P.
She's getting dedicated on Sunday, and family is coming.


What I did in January...

Currently, I am in the middle of re-organizing my scrap room & more importantly, the closet. I HAD to. I am about to make a few projects for people, and I needed things somewhat organized. I admit, I do like throwing things away. It's cleansing for the soul. ; )

Here are a few projects I'm pretty proud of. Been a busy girl this month.

I made this to go in my kitchen...yep, it's a burlap bag that held bacon. It's now on my wall.

I made this to go above Abbie's crib. It's hard to tell, but the smaller circles have tiny dots that match her bedding. These are called "swatch portraits", so I have learned. I like it. And if one should fall, they are really lightweight so no harm there...

I learned how to make these awesome cork trivets. LOVE them. So many designs I could make...whew.

And finally, BABY FOOD!!! I started with apples, green beans and sweet potatoes. 
It is SO cheap and easy to do. Don't worry, I still buy it in the store, too. I haven't gone off the deep end.