What I did in January...

Currently, I am in the middle of re-organizing my scrap room & more importantly, the closet. I HAD to. I am about to make a few projects for people, and I needed things somewhat organized. I admit, I do like throwing things away. It's cleansing for the soul. ; )

Here are a few projects I'm pretty proud of. Been a busy girl this month.

I made this to go in my kitchen...yep, it's a burlap bag that held bacon. It's now on my wall.

I made this to go above Abbie's crib. It's hard to tell, but the smaller circles have tiny dots that match her bedding. These are called "swatch portraits", so I have learned. I like it. And if one should fall, they are really lightweight so no harm there...

I learned how to make these awesome cork trivets. LOVE them. So many designs I could make...whew.

And finally, BABY FOOD!!! I started with apples, green beans and sweet potatoes. 
It is SO cheap and easy to do. Don't worry, I still buy it in the store, too. I haven't gone off the deep end.

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  1. I agree that throwing things away is like "cleansing for the soul!" LOL How true that is!