29 Weeks today

Wow, it is hard to believe that I'm 29 weeks now. I know I still have a while to go, but the arrival of this lil baby seems very imminent... 

I had my latest appt. yesterday. Weight and blood pressure are still "beautiful".  Doc said I am measuring at 29 weeks-yesterday at the appt. I was 28 weeks and 6 days, so I'm right on target. Everything is good, I'm not having any terrible symptoms, just the normal awkwardness from being bigger. Lower back is sometimes aching, depending on what I've done during the day.

Tonight we have our classes at the hospital. Last week was the first class, and it was really good. It took a lot of the mystery away from what to expect at this hospital. One of the L & D nurses teaches the class. She's been in  L & D for 12 years, and she has a really blunt sense of humor. Plus she had a "show n tell" of sorts, with the gadgets that we might see. It helped to see what the needle for the epidural looks like, hahaha. : ) I'm not so afraid, now. 

We are making lots of progress on the nursery. I am trying to get the border done before I take pics and post them. But soon...give me a day or two, hopefully.  It's been super busy lately. Last night we had a youth hangout at our house, and we had 35 kids attend. I do love the layout of my house...we can fit lots of people! 

Last but not least, tomorrow is our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  
We feel so blessed to have had 5 great years together. Looking forward to many, many more. It's hard to believe that it's been 5 already. It has gone by so fast.  We will go out and do something fun to celebrate tomorrow.  : )


Mother's Day and nursery progress

My first Mother's Day ~ and 6 months pregnant with Miss Abigail!

After church and lunch, it was down to business. I taped the nursery, and Jonathan started painting away.  Here's the main color, all done and ready to paint the border.
Chip helped. See the paint on his nose?
Jonathan painting away...


Hi, my name is...

And her name is.........

 ~ Abigail Ruth Brantley ~ 

We will call her Abigail & Abbie. Jonathan likes to call her Abbie Roo. It just fits her. We had a easy time deciding because it just stuck with us. Ruth is a family name - My granny's name was Ruth, my mom was Pamela Ruth, Jonathan's mom is Tonya Ruth. 

Happy Mother's Day! 

Here are a few pictures from yesterday...she had her face pressed up against my uterus, so the pictures aren't as clear as they could've been. But, she would not move to help us out at all. She'd been very active all afternoon, and I think she'd finally decided to go to sleep and we were messing up her plan. 


Test results/week 27!

WOW - I'm officially 27 weeks. This pregnancy is going so fast, we still have so much to get done. Like, hopefully painting the nursery this next week! I still have my "innie" for now. Didn't think I would. I know time is very limited on it-hahaha. 

So anyway, I went this past Tues. for the 3 hr. glucose tolerance test.  They drew blood first, then I had to drink the glucose drink - lemon lime this time. For the 3 hr test, the drink is twice as sweet as the orange-flavored glucose drink from the 1 hr test.  Honestly, the stuff was fairly gross. Like flat Sprite syrup. It didn't make me sick or anything though. After I finished my delicious beverage, they drew blood three more times at one hour intervals to see how I was processing the sugar. All in all, they took four vials of blood - two from each arm. It wasn't bad. My nurse was really good, and I didn't even bruise, surprisingly.  I'd been dreading the test, but it wasn't a bad experience. Of course, baby girl was jumping all over the place from the sugar rush. I hadn't eaten since dinner the night before, so I was really hungry all morning. Lunch tasted so delicious after all that! 

Got my results yesterday - - - all totally NORMAL. No gestational diabetes here! I wasn't worried about the results. I knew I was fine. Glad to have that behind me. Now, just a few more days till ultrasound day, and then Mother's Day! : ) And let's not forget the name reveal.....


test & re-test

I had my glucose screening test this past week. My results came back, and my levels were "slightly elevated". So now I have to go back on Tue. for the lovely three hour glucose tolerance test - I won't be stuck there the whole time, I can come and go so it won't be that bad. Glad my Dr. is close! That is one reason we wanted to stay in town to have this baby, so I wouldn't be going back and forth to Atl all the time! : ) So anyway, that is the latest news. I'm not concerned about the test results. I've read that only about 15% of patients who have to take the 3 hr test actually end up having issues. No big deal.  

The rest of my reg. appt was great. Dr. said my blood pressure and weight are excellent. The baby is measuring right where she should. I told her I've been feeling big. : ) She said that a lot of the women she sees (that are expecting their first baby)  have gained double what I have at this point in their pregnancies...which made me feel good. 

At any rate, we are looking forward to seeing "______" next Sat.  YAY!! And everyone will be happy to finally find out the name. Pretty sure my sisters hate us at this point because we won't tell. It's become this big thing for some of the people at church, we've gotten endless guesses...

All I can say is, just be happy that we are telling soon!!! One more week, that's basically it. It's been hard for us, because at home we call her "______" and I almost  slipped up and said her name to someone.  Another mama in our church didn't tell anyone until the baby was BORN. 

So it could be worse, hahaha. Only another week to wait. I will be so glad when we can tell.