Test results/week 27!

WOW - I'm officially 27 weeks. This pregnancy is going so fast, we still have so much to get done. Like, hopefully painting the nursery this next week! I still have my "innie" for now. Didn't think I would. I know time is very limited on it-hahaha. 

So anyway, I went this past Tues. for the 3 hr. glucose tolerance test.  They drew blood first, then I had to drink the glucose drink - lemon lime this time. For the 3 hr test, the drink is twice as sweet as the orange-flavored glucose drink from the 1 hr test.  Honestly, the stuff was fairly gross. Like flat Sprite syrup. It didn't make me sick or anything though. After I finished my delicious beverage, they drew blood three more times at one hour intervals to see how I was processing the sugar. All in all, they took four vials of blood - two from each arm. It wasn't bad. My nurse was really good, and I didn't even bruise, surprisingly.  I'd been dreading the test, but it wasn't a bad experience. Of course, baby girl was jumping all over the place from the sugar rush. I hadn't eaten since dinner the night before, so I was really hungry all morning. Lunch tasted so delicious after all that! 

Got my results yesterday - - - all totally NORMAL. No gestational diabetes here! I wasn't worried about the results. I knew I was fine. Glad to have that behind me. Now, just a few more days till ultrasound day, and then Mother's Day! : ) And let's not forget the name reveal.....

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