So I've had this Shutterfly credit since January, and I've been putting off using it. Now, I got an email reminder that it expires in 3 days. AKK! I'm only posting right now because I'm uploading pictures and the estimated download time is 50 minutes. Haha.

Geez, why do I do this to myself?

I guess I was just really intimidated by the whole process. Thought it would take wayyy long. For some reason I just find it easier to work with tangible paper and pictures in the old fashioned scrapbook way. You digital scrappers cannot convert me! I have heard, "Oh, it's so easy, it's so much better to do it online"-blaaaaahhhhh. I just have to START somewhere. Ok still waiting for those pics to upload...It better be fantastic when it's done : )

I am going to try my best to crank out a photo album for Abbie's birth. In 3 days or less. Yikes. Tonight might be a late-ish night for me. : )

This week we are at camp. TVR in NC. A great place. It's amazing, kids are having a great time, the weather is blissful. GOOD stuff. GOD stuff. Love it. 

Going for now, wish me luck.


Big news!

God has been so gracious...This side business of crafting got started a little before Christmas-with me wondering if anyone would want to buy the things I made.  

But after a lot of praying, I decided to NOT to open an Etsy shop for now. I was afraid of two extremes-#1) Being an epic failure by selling zilch, nada. #2) Being way overwhelmed with orders. 

So, back to God being awesome. People started asking me to make things for them. And so, a business has been born out of much prayer - Joyful Home Designs. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to make things that people love, and to be able to sell them. For now, word of mouth is bringing me more business than expected. I am so blessed. 

My "specialty" seems to be personalized canvases, & wooden established signs. Although I love to dabble in new ideas/designs, and I love to take special orders.  I love to make a "vision" happen!  

Soon (hopefully) I will have up and running. 
I also have another email -

Some of the projects I have done in the past month....

Bandana dress
Personalized pyrex
Wrist pincushion
Pool bag 
Canvas for a sweet girls nursery

Established sign