Dr. appt. (Week 21)

Before I get into the appointment, let me just say that this child moves like crazy. Yesterday afternoon we were watching a movie, and she was just flipping around in there for about 30 minutes. She's getting strong, too-the movements are much stronger now. 

So I had another appt. today, I'm 21 weeks and four days.  My weight gain and blood pressure are both normal. We saw the midwife today, she said the baby's heartbeat was strong, really strong-almost like she was surprised (?) that it was so good. She said ultrasound results were good, so there's nothing to be worried about there. She also said that I had a 'basketball belly'. That made me laugh-my belly is getting very tight. Growth is on track. Things are great!

As long as I don't develop any strange complications or have false labor issues, she said I'll most likely be able to go with Jonathan to youth camp in June. Which is exciting, because it will be so much cooler there in the NC mountains than staying here in GA in June. I won't be rooming with the students, most likely we will stay in a staff house. 

Next appt. is April 28 -  I'll have a screening test for gestational diabetes then - I'm thinking the glycol will be gross...


Baby Girl Brantley

The first four pictures are from ultrasound #1 (Friday-20th)

Fried Oreos - dessert from our celebration dinner!

Getting ready to find out - look at that belly!
That's the top of her head on screen-getting measurements.

A few pictures of Baby Girl, taken yesterday! (We had three more but they were basically the same-profile shots.) She's doing just fine. Sonographer said she's perfectly healthy. She's got her left hand up by her face in a lot of the pictures, and she's about 13 ounces now.  We'll try to get video up soon - that's a Jonathan project!  Enjoy the pictures! 

Precious little alien face

 Girl parts below


Preggo shirts & ultrasound update

So, here's the update on our ultrasound issue-
Jonathan called the Dr. and explained everything that happened. We now have another appointment for this Friday at 1pm. Then we'll have pictures, and hopefully video posted here.

 I found some really funny maternity shirts online...
"Babies kick, I'm having a ninja monkey"
"Get lost, can't you see I'm trying to shoplift this basketball"
"It's a pillow"
"Dingo bait"
Teewit has baby onesies, tshirts etc. too. 
"I don't sleep much. That means mom doesn't sleep much. Excuse her for her lack of patience with your issues."
"Congratulations, you get to sit next to me on the plane!"
Teewit also has a big selection of items for all sorts of variations on grandparent names....pawpaw, mimi, gigi, you name it. I think southern people invent wacky names for grandparents, I really do. It might be a sickness.

I think I must have a sick sense of humor. Maybe it's just being pregnant. Nah...



Yesterday was our ultrasound.  We found out we are having a GIRL. At least, we are kind of sure it's a girl. 

To make a long story short...

It could've been a MUCH better experience. We love our Dr. but our ultrasound technician left MUCH to be desired. 

She made a mistake because she was in a rush to start her weekend, and we were the last appointment of the day... so everyone will have to wait for my pictures and the video of our session.  Which is a bummer, but can't be helped!  We will probably be having a "re-do" session this next week, hopefully.  Sorry I couldn't post pics and video yesterday like I had promised. 

We'll have them up as soon as we can. 

P.S. So we think that we ARE probably having a girl, but with the technician being in such a rush and making the mistake she did, we are now left wondering if she was positive about the baby's gender as well.....


19 weeks along

I'm 19 weeks along now...almost time to find out what the baby is! Belly shot below...

Friday will be here before we know it. I'll post pictures, etc. sometime that afternoon.

(I'm really growing, huh!!) It's so fun to actually look pregnant now.


Baby bedding & January ultrasound

Some people haven't seen this yet---

Here is a picture from my 8 week ultrasound (from January). Later this week I'll post the 20 week ultrasound that we have coming up...on FRIDAY!

Okay, we haven't found out what we are having...yet. We'll hopefully know this Friday after our 20 week ultrasound. (YAY!) Pray the baby isn't modest, so we can clearly see! 

But we HAVE picked out our baby bedding! We got it from Target. It's called "Circles" by DwellStudios. You can see it in the above picture. No, that is NOT a picture of our nursery, I got it from the Target website. But you can obviously see the colors and all of that. Soon we will be able to paint!! 

For all those who have asked, I'm feeling really good. I'm enjoying being pregnant, things are great. : )


Plunging in

So, I've been contemplating on getting a blogspot for a while now. 

Mostly because there's a bambino on the way. We live far away from most of our family, and lots of our friends. This would be ideal way to keep everyone updated, I thought-especially since I can post baby pics and details. 

It's easier than emailing everyone. Also, now I can comment on blogs of friends, haha. I'm glad Emilee is blogging, she makes me laugh. 

Hopefully I will keep up...

Don't expect a post every day-I'm not that dedicated. Not yet, anyway. 

Jonathan showed me this video on youtube, it's called "I've seen it all" by group nymc. Look it up if you get a chance.
I think it's on point, and pretty hilarious. It's our life. And we love it.