Yesterday was our ultrasound.  We found out we are having a GIRL. At least, we are kind of sure it's a girl. 

To make a long story short...

It could've been a MUCH better experience. We love our Dr. but our ultrasound technician left MUCH to be desired. 

She made a mistake because she was in a rush to start her weekend, and we were the last appointment of the day... so everyone will have to wait for my pictures and the video of our session.  Which is a bummer, but can't be helped!  We will probably be having a "re-do" session this next week, hopefully.  Sorry I couldn't post pics and video yesterday like I had promised. 

We'll have them up as soon as we can. 

P.S. So we think that we ARE probably having a girl, but with the technician being in such a rush and making the mistake she did, we are now left wondering if she was positive about the baby's gender as well.....

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