Plunging in

So, I've been contemplating on getting a blogspot for a while now. 

Mostly because there's a bambino on the way. We live far away from most of our family, and lots of our friends. This would be ideal way to keep everyone updated, I thought-especially since I can post baby pics and details. 

It's easier than emailing everyone. Also, now I can comment on blogs of friends, haha. I'm glad Emilee is blogging, she makes me laugh. 

Hopefully I will keep up...

Don't expect a post every day-I'm not that dedicated. Not yet, anyway. 

Jonathan showed me this video on youtube, it's called "I've seen it all" by group nymc. Look it up if you get a chance.
I think it's on point, and pretty hilarious. It's our life. And we love it. 

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