Baby bedding & January ultrasound

Some people haven't seen this yet---

Here is a picture from my 8 week ultrasound (from January). Later this week I'll post the 20 week ultrasound that we have coming up...on FRIDAY!

Okay, we haven't found out what we are having...yet. We'll hopefully know this Friday after our 20 week ultrasound. (YAY!) Pray the baby isn't modest, so we can clearly see! 

But we HAVE picked out our baby bedding! We got it from Target. It's called "Circles" by DwellStudios. You can see it in the above picture. No, that is NOT a picture of our nursery, I got it from the Target website. But you can obviously see the colors and all of that. Soon we will be able to paint!! 

For all those who have asked, I'm feeling really good. I'm enjoying being pregnant, things are great. : )

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