Preggo shirts & ultrasound update

So, here's the update on our ultrasound issue-
Jonathan called the Dr. and explained everything that happened. We now have another appointment for this Friday at 1pm. Then we'll have pictures, and hopefully video posted here.

 I found some really funny maternity shirts online...
"Babies kick, I'm having a ninja monkey"
"Get lost, can't you see I'm trying to shoplift this basketball"
"It's a pillow"
"Dingo bait"
Teewit has baby onesies, tshirts etc. too. 
"I don't sleep much. That means mom doesn't sleep much. Excuse her for her lack of patience with your issues."
"Congratulations, you get to sit next to me on the plane!"
Teewit also has a big selection of items for all sorts of variations on grandparent names....pawpaw, mimi, gigi, you name it. I think southern people invent wacky names for grandparents, I really do. It might be a sickness.

I think I must have a sick sense of humor. Maybe it's just being pregnant. Nah...

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