Dr. appt. (Week 21)

Before I get into the appointment, let me just say that this child moves like crazy. Yesterday afternoon we were watching a movie, and she was just flipping around in there for about 30 minutes. She's getting strong, too-the movements are much stronger now. 

So I had another appt. today, I'm 21 weeks and four days.  My weight gain and blood pressure are both normal. We saw the midwife today, she said the baby's heartbeat was strong, really strong-almost like she was surprised (?) that it was so good. She said ultrasound results were good, so there's nothing to be worried about there. She also said that I had a 'basketball belly'. That made me laugh-my belly is getting very tight. Growth is on track. Things are great!

As long as I don't develop any strange complications or have false labor issues, she said I'll most likely be able to go with Jonathan to youth camp in June. Which is exciting, because it will be so much cooler there in the NC mountains than staying here in GA in June. I won't be rooming with the students, most likely we will stay in a staff house. 

Next appt. is April 28 -  I'll have a screening test for gestational diabetes then - I'm thinking the glycol will be gross...

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