test & re-test

I had my glucose screening test this past week. My results came back, and my levels were "slightly elevated". So now I have to go back on Tue. for the lovely three hour glucose tolerance test - I won't be stuck there the whole time, I can come and go so it won't be that bad. Glad my Dr. is close! That is one reason we wanted to stay in town to have this baby, so I wouldn't be going back and forth to Atl all the time! : ) So anyway, that is the latest news. I'm not concerned about the test results. I've read that only about 15% of patients who have to take the 3 hr test actually end up having issues. No big deal.  

The rest of my reg. appt was great. Dr. said my blood pressure and weight are excellent. The baby is measuring right where she should. I told her I've been feeling big. : ) She said that a lot of the women she sees (that are expecting their first baby)  have gained double what I have at this point in their pregnancies...which made me feel good. 

At any rate, we are looking forward to seeing "______" next Sat.  YAY!! And everyone will be happy to finally find out the name. Pretty sure my sisters hate us at this point because we won't tell. It's become this big thing for some of the people at church, we've gotten endless guesses...

All I can say is, just be happy that we are telling soon!!! One more week, that's basically it. It's been hard for us, because at home we call her "______" and I almost  slipped up and said her name to someone.  Another mama in our church didn't tell anyone until the baby was BORN. 

So it could be worse, hahaha. Only another week to wait. I will be so glad when we can tell. 


  1. You're right, I do hate you. Haha I'm just too curious.

  2. :) Waiting until the final day is so so hard but the surprise is so so fun!

    Can't wait to hear the name of your sweet little one!