Hi, my name is...

And her name is.........

 ~ Abigail Ruth Brantley ~ 

We will call her Abigail & Abbie. Jonathan likes to call her Abbie Roo. It just fits her. We had a easy time deciding because it just stuck with us. Ruth is a family name - My granny's name was Ruth, my mom was Pamela Ruth, Jonathan's mom is Tonya Ruth. 

Happy Mother's Day! 

Here are a few pictures from yesterday...she had her face pressed up against my uterus, so the pictures aren't as clear as they could've been. But, she would not move to help us out at all. She'd been very active all afternoon, and I think she'd finally decided to go to sleep and we were messing up her plan. 


  1. The name is so cute... These pictures are so neat... I love the last one. I know you can't wait to get your hands on her!