Pillsbury Crescents "Holiday Entertaining" Party

 A few weeks ago, I had the chance to host a party for Pillsbury.

They sent me a box off card to buy ingredients, coupons for free crescent rolls, a baking pan, a serving spatula, and a cute oven mitt! All they wanted me to do was have a party! So I invited all of the gals in my Sunday school class and had a great time...I made baked brie, piggies in a blanket, layer bars, and bacon cheddar pinwheels. I used jalapeno cheddar mini dogs for the piggies in a blanket instead of the "normal" mini dogs, and they were amazing! The bacon cheddar pinwheels were SO simple and great, too. I gave out recipe cards for the things I made, gave away the coupons for crescent rolls that Pillsbury sent, and some fun prizes. I'd love to do this again, it was great! Pillsbury has a "dough sheet" product now, instead of opening a can of rolls and have them break apart at the perforated edges, I got the dough sheet and just unrolled it in the pan for the bacon cheddar pinwheels and layer bars. SUPER easy. Simple idea but wow, this makes an easy recipe even better!



  1. Hi Amanda!

    You had left me a comment on my OCD blog about quilting, but your blogger account is set to no-reply, so I couldn't respond. I thought I would pop by here and say hello. If you would like to talk about quilting projects, please email me so we can chat!

    Happy new year!
    Kristie at OCD