A new "normal"

Not that I've ever been NORMAL, but whatever...y'know.

New year, new jobs, new schedule, new bible study, new friends, new life. New..."normal".

2011 ended with a bang-or should I say, an A-bomb. Lots of change.

I have a new normal now, so a very dear friend keeps reminding me. That friend reminds me that it's good. Sometimes it is very, very, very good. Sometimes it is horrible. Sometimes it just is what it is.

A few lessons learned the past 2 months:

* God is gracious and so very faithful. I can always depend on Him, and sometimes He's ALL I can depend upon.

*When your world turns sideways, most people run in the other direction. (Almost like they are afraid of "catching" something....whew-that visual just makes me laugh. But it's so very true.)

*God provides in little and big ways. All the time, every day, and usually when you least expect it.

*People I thought were my friends, aren't. And conversely, people I didn't think were my friends, are. Funny what God takes away, and what he provides.

* My eyes have opened to people around me that are hurting. This world is full of people in pain. Going through REAL junk.

Some days I'm great. Some days I could crawl up a wall. It is what it is.
But I'm still here. WE are still here, united.

God is showing/has shown us BIG things. Would I change a thing? NO. God uses things to grow you, change you, make you better. The things that HE has done in 2 months have BLOWN MY MIND.

To G O D be the G L O R Y....for the things he has done.

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