homemade goodies!

My friend Melissa requested this canvas to match the bedding of her baby-to-be, Kinsey! Melissa is due next month, and her belly is the size of a jr. soccer ball. Not even the size of a basketball. TEENY. : ) Just sayin...I was SO big with Abbie...SIGH...
Anyway, here's her canvas. Love how it turned out. It may be my fav - except for the one I made Abbie.

Here's the banner I made for another sweet baby-to-be due in the next few weeks, Kaitlin. I had to take it with the old point n shoot because the Nikon was dead, so the colors are off a bit. It's actually a pretty pink color. Oh well, you get the idea.

And lastly, because I can't resist--my most FAVORITE homemade goodie...SASSY Miss Abbie.
I have some projects in the works, hopefully in the next 2 weeks I will complete them.
On a side note, we are taking my mom's sewing machine in this weekend to get serviced so I can get crackin' on my sewing adventure...YAY!!!

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