It's been forever...hey y'all!

Ok, so I've been terrible at posting. Blogging isn't so much my passion. Because I have so much to say and never take the time for it because it will take so long...then before you know it, a month has gone by and I feel guilty.

Oh well.

Been a busy gal lately. Abbie finally got over the terrible run of ear infections. Now she's hardcore teething. I'll take that over the ear infections though!  9 months old and just got her first tooth, finally.

I've also been crazy busy with making all sorts of stuff. If I were amazing, I'd post pictures of it all. My pictures seem to "live" on my camera until I'm forced to download them because I'm out of space.

Maybe soon I will. Still praying about this crafty business stuff. Right now I don't think ETSY is the way I need to go. Abbie is my #1 job, and I wouldn't want to get so overwhelmed....
and so I am content to make things for friends and family, as they request it.

April/May have been slam busy. SO far: 3 bridal showers, 3 baby showers, 3 grad parties, 2 b-day parties, Graduate sunday, and a partridge in a pear tree. I have lots of crafts (aka gifts) to finish.

I will need June to recover....

So, while Abbie is napping, momma will craft!

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