Halloween 09

Jonathan suggested that we dress up as the modern stone-age family this year. We went to "trunk or treat" at church. It was moved inside due to the crummy weather, but I think it made for a great turn out. We had about 1500 people, including workers/volunteers. Coming home was nuts, our neighborhood was jam packed-people driving their kids from house to house so they could jump out and run to the doors for candy...meanwhile, blocking the street so nobody could get through. Two houses were having huge parties. I was thankful that Abbie had fallen asleep on the way home because it took forever to get in our house. 

Our precious "Pebbles"

Our family-aren't we cute...
PS Jonathan had a pillow under his costume...hahaha
Our first halloween with Abigail was a lot of fun. We are really looking forward to seeing how she reacts to Christmas lights. Call us crazy, but we are decorating for Christmas later this week. We aren't having Thanksgiving here, so we might as well enjoy Christmas! I need to get on the ball with my shopping...I'd love to be done by Thanksgiving, but that probably won't happen.  I am more than half way done though. Some things I've decided to get for people, but haven't purchased yet. I think I'm doing pretty good.

I'm hoping for some Target giftcards : ) There are some things I need to buy Abbie. Like, a high chair, a bigger car seat for when she outgrows the infant one, etc. Jonathan and I were hoping to buy a nice SLR camera this year (had been saving for it), and then the washer and garbage disposal decided to break- all in the week before I had Abbie. Such is life. 

I was in a fender-bender last week. Was rear-ended on 41 by a country guy wearing jean overalls, he was driving a huge truck and pulling a trailer. I had Abbie in the car, too. Thankfully it wasn't bad. She didn't even cry. He bumped me, crunched my bumper a little bit. 

Anyway, that's what is going on with us lately...

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