Abbie's birthday is coming up. I have a theme. I have plates & napkins. I have balloons. I have invitations that just need to be printed. And yet, I'm stuck.

I need to make her birthday banner, and other decorations. I want to make her a special birthday outfit, too. And yet, I can't decide on which direction to go. I'm stuck!! I guess I need to go google some inspiration.
; )

Oh yeah, and I'm trying to do too many things at once today. AND I think Abbie might be trying to give up her morning nap  : (  Babies should come with a manual....

At any rate, this next tooth needs to come in so she won't be so crabby!!

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  1. check out my etsy shop i just started!! diy printable files for party planning! or atleast hop on over and get inspired. i posted all about it today on my blog. :) lots of fun party ideas!