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Sometime (ok, rarely) I find someone online that I just like soooo much- that I think we could be friends in real life.  Natalie has a youth pastor hubby, a darlin' daughter, loves bargains and making things...

So like me! Oh yeah-except she's expecting baby #2 any day now and looks like a stinkin' model. (Seriously. Trying to not be jealous...really trying...)

So anyway, her blog is on my blogroll but check her out HERE.
And not only is she about to have a baby any day, but she also just opened an etsy shop. I mean, reallyyyyy...not sure how she gets everything done in a day! She's got some pretty stuff, wish I knew how to do it! Go HERE to see her etsy stuff.

I really don't know how she does it all. Whew.

I'm getting in gear with Abbie's bday-and the 5,000 other projects I am currently into....

On a terrible side note, the roof of our Hobby Lobby fell in during a bad storm last night. Thank the Lord it was Sunday and closed so people weren't in there...but still...the closest one is over 30 mins away. Heard it might be after Christmas before they re-open, that there's 6 in. of standing water throughout the entire store. I don't know what I'm gonna do-I get supplies there pretty much every week. : (

My heart is SO sad.

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