My sweet 1 year old

Abbie turned 1 just about two weeks ago.  I can't even believe it's been a year. She sure has changed our lives for the better. A year ago I had no idea what I was doing-we were in triage mode, just hoping for survival and doubting we'd ever get a normal amount of sleep again. What a DIFFERENCE a year makes. We made it through the horrible projectile reflux issues and back to back to back to back ear infections.

Abbie is such a blessing. It's amazing to see how much she has changed in the past year-how much she's grown, and how much she knows. Just in the past 2 weeks she has learned cookie, no, yes, tickle, wow, and more. She can also say mama, dada, ruff ruff, uh-oh, bye bye....

She was 19 & 1/2 lbs at her 1 yr. appt. She's in the 25% for weight, and 75% for height. So funny. She loves water and dogs. And her appetite is ridiculous. The other day she ate 1 & 1/2 waffles and fruit, and milk for breakfast. She will sign "more" & "all done". She wants to try everything. She would eat fruit and only fruit if we let her. She's a little "plunderer" as my dad says. She goes from place to place, pulling stuff on and making a mess, then moves on to something else. She reminds me of "Stitch" when she does that. She's very curious and independent, and gets frustrated if she can't do something. A few days ago she was squealing in aggravation because she hard her arms stuck, trying to pull her sippy cup thru the slats on the back of the kitchen chair.  She thinks its hilarious when we yawn, and will open her mouth really wide to mimic us. She makes me laugh. She's so hardheaded.

She is a fast crawler. A few times she's stood up and let go of whatever she was holding onto, only to grab on a few seconds later, or sit down very carefully. So, no hurry to walk. I'm okay with that. She definitely goes at her own pace until she decides differently. Been that way since birth. : ) And when she does start to walk, I will have to be that much faster to chase after her whirlwind of chaos and curiosity.

Everyone says that the older you get (or the more kids you have), the faster time goes by. I look back on this year and it already feels like warp speed. I'm trying to hold on to each precious stage, and not wish it away. She's already growing so fast. On the other hand, it's so exciting to see her learn new things. I just want to appreciate every moment. We have been so blessed.

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