This took an hour...

I realize that all too soon, I won't be running after her and cleaning up her messes. I spend so much time each day, chasing after her. She is a busybody, a whirlwind of activity and curiosity. The other day I thought...if I don't take pictures of this, one day I will forget how it used to be. And I don't ever want to forget. Because one day in the future, I will have all the time in the world to keep a spotless house. 

We start off pushing the chair all over the kitchen.
And then the destruction begins

Done with those!

Enough fruits & veggies...


The stuff under the tv? Boring...

I'll tear out all the tissues in the box, that sounds fun.

Ahhhhhh. The Wii basket is a favorite thing I'm not supposed to get.

But the best might be the cabinets....

Uh oh, Momma sees me.

So I use my secret weapon~HOW can she resist this face?

See, I'm so cute! You don't see me messing with dishes...

Is it working? Are you under my spell?

Ok, I'll play in the tupperware cabinet since momma says its okay.

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  1. Love her! She's so cute! And you're are so right - there will be a day, all too soon, where we will miss having little hands to clean up behind!