Happy almost 4th

I've been pretty busy lately. Working on crafties. Putting up corn. Using peaches off the trees. Dreaming up stuff to do for Abbie's party....which is less than a month away and I really need to get started on. And I have a project list that has several things (for people) that I need to get done. ANd my best friend's bday was the 29th and I really need to find a box to mail her present in-she wanted an est. sign-now I gotta find a long narrow box!!! And I need to design a logo for the business. And on and on.

Found something that really makes me laugh. Go here.....Wienerdog Tricks.
It's for all the people that make fun of me for being crafty.

I love that God is allowing me to do something I love. It's a blessing. I'm so thankful. But sometimes it hurts my feelings when people roll their eyes and tell me that I'm so crafty it makes them sick. Because this is something I feel I'm good at, and trust me, there are TONS of things I am NOT good at.

Abbie got two teeth last week at camp : ) She's gonna take off and be walking before I know it.

I'm also very thankful (not just tomorrow, but everyday) for the people in our military, past and present, that are serving for us. Sacrificing to protect many people who aren't grateful. It seems so trite, but thank you servicemen and women.

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