Camp Cankles and Preggo brain...

Got back from TVR on Sat afternoon. The ride was long, and when I got off the bus I had really swollen feet. It was really sad, I had almost no ankle definition. Hence, the "camp cankles". : ) Camp was good though. The weather was great. It was nice to be outside and not feel like I was about to spontaneously combust because it was so hot and humid outside! 

Sunday was a full day. My sweet church family threw me a baby shower, and it was just beautiful. Special thanks to Lisa, Sarah, Suzanne, Christa, Mrs. Bobbie, Becky, Mandi, Alison, Cindy, and Bonnie for working so hard on it, and getting us a pack-n-play on top of it all! I hope to get pics from Mandi soon, so I can post some up here. It was just so pretty-they worked so hard. 

After the shower, Jonathan was ordained. Pastor gave him a Timothy challenge, and other pastors/deacons gathered around in a time of prayer. Pastor presented Jonathan with a special Bible to commemorate the ordination. It was a really memorable day.

Us, with Pastor Randall 
As for the preggo brain, I double-booked girls night and a youth activity...and it never occurred to me until last night (both are tonight). That isn't the only dumb thing I've done. Worst of all, my best friend's b-day was yesterday. I totally forgot...and it was on the calendar and everything. I never really thought there was anything to the "pregnancy brain" syndrome.  : )

I am a believer now. 
And now I must go try to make it up to my friend....

PS I have normal ankles again, just in case you were worried about that. 

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