New nursery photos & update

Here are a few photos of the nursery progress. The main stuff is done. The crib and changing table/dresser are presents from Jonathan's mom and dad...THANK YOU! Love y'all!! Now we just have some minor decorating to do-and we are looking for an affordable recliner as well. One step at a time!

Yeah, I have been terrible at posting lately. The time is going by SO fast, and it's been super busy. I kept thinking I'd get on here and update, but no...
The last two weeks alone have been insane. We were in Virginia for a VERY short weekend visit. My dad was in the hospital on Friday with crazy chest pain (He's fine now) my sister Emilee graduated from NSA on Saturday, and my Uncle Frank got married on Sunday. Not so much a restful vacation, but it was a good trip. I miss my siblings a lot. Got back to GA with VBS in full swing. I worked in preschool crafts this year=lots of glue everywhere! The kids were great, though. It was nice to see the kids from my class last year (4 yr. olds) each day. We ended up having 500 kids enrolled, and the 3rd-6th grade classes had a separate gospel invitation, with 40 decisions to have a personal relationship with Jesus! The week was lots of work for EVERYONE, but it was a great week. 

 Whew. Just re-reading all that makes me tired again. 

Now it's Monday. We have something to do every single day this week. Softball game, picnic, youth hangout night, girls night out, photo session, and I have another Drs. appt., among other things.  And next week is summer camp!! Then the day after we get back from camp, my sweet church family is throwing us a baby shower. Later that night, Jonathan will be ordained. 

Are you exhausted yet? I'm going to try to rest this week, really. 

There's just too much that I want to do...or need to do.  I think I'm starting to get a little nesting bug. I'm 32 weeks now...33 on Thursday!  Abbie is coming soon! 

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