July already?

Wow, I can't believe it is JULY. 
My last appt. was on Wednesday. We saw Dr. Ribot, and (GREAT NEWS) I measured at 35 weeks. (Wed. I was 34 and 6 days) So I guess I am back on track, maybe Abbie just had a growth spurt. Hopefully she will be a normal size. Who knows. Also, the Dr. told me that I was lucky to have great skin (just what you want to hear, haha) and that since I didn't have any stretch marks this far in, I most likely wouldn't get them. (YAY) Everything has been textbook so far in this journey. It's scary to think that I could have this baby within this month...we are as ready as we can be!

I don't have any major complaints...
* My lower back hurts if I'm in one spot too long. And when I sleep. 
* This baby is getting pretty heavy. 
* I feel really big and awkward. And bump into things a lot.
* She's squishing all my insides. I have to eat smaller portions more often, and I'm always in the bathroom.
I feel VERY BLESSED to be 35 weeks and not miserable-yet.

What's been going on this week?
*I've been procrastinating in putting up pictures on facebook. I'm 2 weeks behind.  : )
*Jonathan and I put up our pack-n-play last night.
*We went and bought a baby monitor from Target with giftcards from the shower.
*I bought our travel system (stroller and carseat) from BabiesRUS. Jonathan put it together and installed the car seat. We also got a diaper champ on sale, and of course I had coupons for both things. : )
*Went and pre-registered at the HOSPITAL.
*Wrote 57 thank-you notes. NOT an exaggeration...that's how many I wrote for real.
* Been having Braxton Hicks contractions. My body is practicing, yay! 

I still need to:
*Pack my hospital bag : ) I have plenty of time, but just in case...
*Organize all this baby stuff that is ALLLL over the nursery.
*Finish up a few art projects that will go in the nursery.

There are still things we need (or would like to have) for Abbie, (like a swing...high chair...medela pump.......)

BUT we have her crib and carseat (hahaha) so we are good if she decides to make an early appearance. 

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