Such a mystery... Lord we need a drop

So the latest.... After coming home on Friday, Amanda slept for about 3 hours and had a good dinner. We went walking and got some raspberry tea from Sarah. Starting drinking that and then took another walk. On the second walk, we hit big constant contractions. So we waited to see about going back to the hospital. They slowed down so Amanda decided to get some sleep.
We were back up and going after eating and walking again at 7 a.m. Sat. morning.  Did this and kept drinking tea. Contractions kept picking back up so around Noon, we decided to head back to the hospital. First exam still at 5cm and still hasn't dropped any more. So we walk, hook back up and now even though she is having contractions, the ones that are able to be read on the monitor are actually FURTHER apart! Ugh. The nurse is a little confused, as are we. So we decide to get examined again and still the same thing...
So the nurse feels as if Amanda wasn't actually in labor since she said you can progress like she did at times (though rare) without being in labor and that its possible she is in the first stages of labor on Saturday. She got a shot of demerol and phenergen to allow Amanda to be able to get some good sleep. She said most women will sleep a good bit with this shot and that she has even heard of some sleeping 12 or more hours. Well, she will have heard of another one cause Amanda and I both slept for 14 hours. Soooo who knows, she said that some women after having this shot and getting good rest will wake up and their body has the energy to kick start the laboring process back up again. Hopefully this is the case with Amanda and that our little girl will drop and start moving again and that we will have this baby... 
So pray, pray, pray. We want specific prayer that this baby will drop today and/or that Amanda's water will break today.


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