No baby yet

So, Abbie is a little sneaky deceptive one. She fooled a midwife, a Dr. and four nurses. It's crazy, I had contractions 3-6 minutes apart and progression from 3cm to a "good 5cm" at the hospital-then, nothing. And no baby. They thought I was in full labor, admitted me, the whole nine yards. Even offered me the epidural. NUTS! (Sure glad I wasn't like, yeah, let me go ahead and have one...). I always thought the false labor thing was just something anxious moms jumped to conclusions about...and we were so afraid of doing that, and calling people too early.

But REALLY, when the Dr. and midwife tell say that you are in labor, you tend to believe them.

They should know, right???!!!

And so here we are. It's Sunday night. Still having contractions, but they have spaced out and are nowhere near as intense/painful as before. 

She's coming in her own sweet time.  Sorry for getting everyone all excited. 

We are emotionally drained, as you can imagine. It's been a roller coaster weekend. 

And now, we continue to wait.

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