Monday's appt. (July 27)

So, after our drama filled weekend, the drs office worked us in for an appt. yesterday. We ended up being able to see Macie, the midwife that we've seen the most. We gave her the details of the weekend, including all of the crazy measurements that people had given us when they checked me. 

She wanted to check me herself, and felt that I am still at 5cm, and that I am 70% effaced.  She is still about as high as she has been (-2 station). Last time I'd been checked they said I was about 5 and 50%. My contractions have spaced out again, but I've still had some good ones here and there. Macie had us go back to the ultrasound room to to see which way Abbie was positioned. She said she looked great, and was facing "face down" (facing my pelvis), and that it was possible that before she could've been "face up" (facing out, aka posterior position) and that when a baby is in that position, it can cause labor to become a lot slower. All in all, she's the right way now, and looks great. 

Macie had us schedule an appt. for this Wed. to check my progress if I haven't had her by then. Which is encouraging to think that the midwife thinks I could go at any time. 

She's been surprised that I stalled out where I did. I think everyone has been, though. Oh well, Abigail is bent on doing things her own way and taking her sweet time. 

Oh, and on top of everything else, our washer broke Sunday night. It would cost around $200 to repair (it was older anyway) so it isn't worth fixing. We have to buy a new one. So we went to the furniture store and while in the parking lot, Jonathan had to change the tire on the truck. It had been repaired before-so he put the spare on and we went off to Wal-Mart, where they told us that all 4 tires looked really bad/had low tread/were showing signs of dry rot and needed to be replaced. 


We had new tires put on in VA. in 07 and have put only 14,000 ish miles on them (50,000 rated tires), so how does that happen? So we had to get 4 new tires for the truck. And have to buy a new washer. Gotta love the unexpected. I'm like please Lord, nothing else right now....


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