Week 37 updates

Baby update ~

Had a Drs. Appt. yesterday. We were scheduled to see Dr. Barfield, one of the only Drs we had not seen yet. However, he was at the hospital delivering a baby…so we didn’t get to see him. At least we’ve seen most everyone else.

Baby Abigail is doing just fine. I have the group B strep test done, will have results in a week-normal test, no biggie. Everything is like it should be…except for the fact that I am 37 weeks (as of today), and I measured 39 weeks at my appt.. So, the Dr. ordered an ultrasound for my next appt., which will be next Friday. Maybe they will be able to tell about how big she’s getting in there. The ultrasound is a somewhat vague estimate, and could be way off. But they are doing one anyway. : )  The Dr. said that sometimes there’s a lot of fluid around the baby which can make people measure ahead, but she didn’t think that was the case with me. She said she felt “all baby” when she was measuring, haha. So, Miss Abbie may decide to come early. If she has no more room, she must come out….right???

The bag is packed just in case. I just have to grab a few things to put in that I use everyday (so I can’t pack them yet).

We pre-registered at the hospital, so we are pretty much ready to go.

This week I finished thank-you notes from the shower (Jonathan's family threw for us this past weekend), finished the canvas for the nursery, nesting a little at a time. 

Just waiting now. 

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