Stubborn Girl

So it's 12:45 p.m. on Friday 24th and we are officially home and Amanda is resting in the bed. We had been doing great up until about 3:30 a.m. This is when Abigail decided maybe she wants to stay in a little longer. After having 2 runs of 6 drip pitocin (sp?) we had gotten no where. The doctor came and checked her and said that she was at a 5 and was just at a station -2. You have to be at 4 before they get you to start pushing and a 3 before they like to break water. So we got some food and got up and walked. It was good to walk because the labor pains increased and the tightness increased. Amanda had to stop and take breaths this time which is good signs. They felt like the pitocin would do the trick this time however Amanda has been up for almost 36 hours straight and was exhausted and was afraid that if it did work she wouldn't have the strength at the end. So we have made the decision to come home sleep, shower, cut off phones and pray that her water will break or that heavy labor will begin. Sooo.... that is the big prayer that Amanda will get some rest along with the rest of us and that afterwards Abigail will set and be ready to come. The last word is that they don't anticipate her to last through the weekend. So I am sure we will be back soon. Thanks to everyone and hopefully we will have a picture to put up on Sunday! :)

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